A young officer viewing a fingerprint on a computer. PL280 is nuanced and can have different applications in different states, thus it has resulted in confusion regarding jurisdiction in Indian Country. However, through cooperation and collaborative resource sharing, tribal and non-tribal law enforcement can work within PL280 to benefit their jurisdictions. This four-module curriculum is designed to provide participants with background information and tangible strategies necessary for effectively policing PL280 reservations.

The first module, What is PL280 (20:40), is a background information module. Participants will learn a brief history of PL280, gain understanding of when tribal, state, and federal governments retain jurisdiction, and understand practical applications of PL280.

The second module, Community Policing (27:12), is designed to teach participants community policing strategies and how those strategies can be implemented in order to enhance responsiveness to the most dire and frequently occurring crimes in PL280 jurisdictions.

The third module, Task Force Development (36:28), is designed to teach participants how to establish and sustain formal and informal task forces. Participants will learn how to navigate environmental and political arenas in order to garner support and collect resources for task force development.

The fourth module, Sovereignty Through Effective Law Enforcement (8:36), is designed to teach participants about Tribal Governments, Tribal Immunity, and Limited Waivers of Sovereign Immunity, to help participants better understand how they can build capacity through effective regulation and tribal law.